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Year 1 and Year 2 Class Ministers - Ruwayda and Hiba

Year 1 and Year 2 Class Ministers - Ruwayda and Hiba

Year 6

Year 1 is a particularly memorable year group for me because of all of the trips that we went on! 

I remember going to Morden Hall Park and Chessington Zoo. I particularly remember reading Beatrix Potter which I look forward to talking to the year group about, because I know that they are also enjoying Peter Rabbit and all of his tales! They are also learning about her in History! I also really enjoyed using lots of colourful maths equipment and I think it may contributed to the reason why I love Maths as much as I do now.

I am really excited to represent Year 2 this year!

Funnily enough, one of the things I miss most about Year 2 is sitting on the carpet and reading a book, especially on a rainy day. I really loved reading the different stories in 'Arabian Nights' because I felt really represented when cultural references were made. I also really enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of London and was interested to read recently in the news that the person who raised the alarm was found!