Curriculum Overview

Our pedagogical approach to teaching and learning is based on the latest scientific evidence. We understand that learning is a change in long term memory, that excellent conduct is essential and that deliberate practice leads to fluency. High quality professional development for all staff leads to excellent input and outcomes for teaching and learning.

Curriculum Intent

Reading is the biggest indicator of academic success; therefore reading is at the heart of our curriculum. We teach a carefully sequenced, broad and balanced curriculum, where children are taught powerful knowledge, skills, concepts and values. This empowers them to be curious about, and engage with the world around them.

Principles of pedagogy

When implementing our curriculum, each subject is taught according to the following principles:

  • That learning is a change in long term memory.
  • To prioritise teacher-directed-instruction: Teachers explicitly teach knowledge in small steps and in a hierarchical manner, making links between concepts explicit, and carefully selecting models and examples. This results in a well-organised schema.
  • To teach to mastery - promoting a deep understanding of a particular concept, before moving on.
  • That pupils engage in deliberate practice, and that they are guided through the learning process until they can perform independently.
  • To assess frequently and deliberately, providing systematic feedback and corrections.
  • To regularly retrieve knowledge from memory to help pupils in remembering and organising their knowledge.
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